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Plan your next holidays to the 'God's own Country'. Enjoy in the sandy beaches under the bright sun and relax in the natural beauty of hills and lakes. Be excited by watching the wild animals roaming freely in the reserves or calm your heart while enjoying the backwaters of Kerala. Enjoy the delicacies of the place you visiting and be surprised at the diversity of items to enlighten your taste buds. On your return you won't be coming empty handed, but loaded with memories for a lifetime!

A holiday to the South of India would be one of the decisions you made in your life, that you would never regret about. The nature has poured out all its beauty and diversity abundantly in this area of the world. That is why one of the south Indian state – Kerala - is known as God's own Country. There are a lot of things to see, experience and enjoy. There is a lot of diversity in weather, food, language or geography.

With years of first hand experience and strong relationships to our partners in India, we are confident that we can walk you through each step of your dream holiday. We have quite few ready made travel packages as detailed below. These are made for those who don't wish to spent most of their time in planning the trip. We have planned these packages in a way to be time and money efficient. But as our company policy, customer satisfaction is our priority. So please feel free to suggest any alternatives you may need. And we will try to work it out in your favour.

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